Commercial Moving

Treating your business as we would ours, is the only right way to perform a successful commercial move. Commercial moving is a delicate situation, therefore it needs the proper manpower to move all of your expensive equipment quickly, while maintaining quality at the same time. At San Rafael Movers, we know that dealing with a commercial move – from small offices to big corporations, is a ton of work.

Realizing halfway through that you might need an extra helping hand isn’t uncommon. Turning to San Rafael movers for assistance can definitely save your day, and while hiring a professional moving company isn’t free, the benefits you can gain and the vast amounts of time you can save are definitely worth the investment. Considering the fact that you’ll be packing and transporting delicate computers, files and other electronics is the key to keep your move on track.

In addition, your employees won’t need to help out during the move, and will definitely feel immense relief knowing they won’t have to physically exert themselves. Add with our packing service, we will pack and prepare even the smallest items, ensuring your staff can keep working uninterrupted.

During your commercial move, transporting the inventory of your office isn’t a problem no matter the size, as we follow a cautious system of packing, loading, transporting, and unloading of your items, guaranteeing safety, effectiveness, and efficiency. Direct communication is critical, just as with our residential moves. We treat each commercial move as though we are relocating our own office, providing the same amount of respect that we give our residential clients.

Our trained movers have the knowledge and skills required for careful and efficient packing and transportation of your items such as, printers, computers, fax machines, laptops etc. One of the biggest benefits in trusting San Rafael Movers with your commercial move, is the systematic approach we take during the process. Moving in general can seem unorganized, or chaotic.

But using the correct strategy, the process can be over with much sooner than it would trying to figure it all out yourself. San Rafael Movers constructs a detailed game plan beforehand, simplifying the move so your business can get back to work in no time.

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