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Hiring professional movers means minimizing stress on your moving day, as a professionally trained moving crew will handle your items with caution and care, lowering the chances of any possible damage of your belongings during the move.

Every move is different, therefore the number of movers needed to handle your move depends on the number of items you have, if there are any excessively heavy or delicate items needed to be moved, etc. Moving consultants can always help you with this decision, as they will recommend the appropriate number of movers according to your move size.

With a professional moving company, you are getting a crew of professionals trained to adapt and move your items safely even in slightly worse conditions than usual. However, if the conditions are unsafe for moving your belongings, a professional moving company would not jeopardize the safety of your items and will most likely reschedule your move.

Disassembly and reassembly of your items is often included in the hourly rates of most moving companies, which means that they will disassemble your bed and bring the necessary tools to do so. If you have a special type of bed, or if there is a need for special tools for its disassembly, it is always best to ask your moving consultant beforehand.

Customers are usually strongly advised to disassemble IKEA furniture before the moving day. Even though it is easy to move, IKEA furniture is most definitely less sturdy than other furniture you might own.

A professional moving company will not move items that are hazardous, poisonous or dangerous. This includes firearms, chemicals, toxic liquids and solids, etc. If you are having doubts whether a certain item will be moved on the moving day, it is best to ask your moving company before the moving day.

Hiring a professional moving company can definitely lower the chances of your items getting damaged during the move, accidents do tend to happen. This is why its best to hire a reliable moving company, that will handle situations like this accordingly and in a professional manner.

With a reliable moving company, you will receive a guaranteed arrival window in which your movers will arrive. If there are to be any unexpected changes to your arrival window, the company would inform you about it and find the best approach to handle the situation.

Professional moving companies usually don’t do small moves as such, since they usually have a minimum charge of a certain number of hours. However, if the customer doesn’t mind the minimum charge, the moving company would have no problem in moving your item.

The customer is usually advised to move their plants by themselves, since there is no way to ‘’wrap’’ or secure your plants protection during the transport. However, if the customer insists, most moving companies will move your plants.
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