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How to Prepare For a Moving Day. Top 10 Tips!

Even though you’ve lived in your neighborhood for decades and have thousands of beautiful memories related to the place you call home at the moment, the time has finally come for you to start a new chapter in your life. While you do feel sad and empty because you know

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Top 10 advantages of professional movers over self-moving

Moving by yourself may or may not save you money, but the time it can consume and the stress it can cause will probably outweigh that fact. The most tedious part of moving by yourself is unquestionably the preparation and packing, as well as handling the heavy furniture pieces you

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Living in San Rafael

San Rafael is the oldest, largest and most culturally diverse city in Marin, with 25 neighborhoods and approximately 59.000 residents. It stands out for the best weather in the region. San Rafael is most definitely one of the Bay Area’s most interesting communities and over time, it has combined a

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