Top 10 advantages of professional movers over self-moving

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Moving by yourself may or may not save you money, but the time it can consume and the stress it can cause will probably outweigh that fact. The most tedious part of moving by yourself is unquestionably the preparation and packing, as well as handling the heavy furniture pieces you might not be able to tackle yourself. If you’re interested in saving tremendous amounts of time and minimizing the chances of having a mental breakdown when preparing for your move and moving overall, hiring a professional moving company is most likely your best bet.

1. Packing made easy

Packing in general is never fun, even if you’re packing for an awesome vacation. Even then, you’re only packing a suitcase or five worth of stuff, but still you’ve managed to put the task off until the last possible second. Now imagine having to pack your whole house, years’ worth of belongings, making sure that every single piece you’ve got to own over the years is protected in equal fashion that it survives the trip. People also often underestimate the time it will take them to actually pack everything they own and no, chances are that you most likely will not finish doing so over the course of 1 or 2 days.

Hiring a professional moving company to offer a helping hand with packing will undoubtfully save you vast amounts of time, since the crew you’re hiring is probably trained and experienced with packing all sorts of items and have been doing so for a long time as well. This way you are also minimizing the chances of damaging your items, since as previously mentioned, the crew you have hired is professionally trained to handle all of your belongings in a careful, delicate manner.

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2. No heavy lifting on your end

Heavy lifting without proper training and preparation can lead to serious back strain and other various injuries. Hiring a professional moving company will relief you of the task of handling large, bulky items and will definitely take care of those items in much less time than you would yourself. It’s also very unlikely that professional movers that undergo rigorous training will be confronted with an issue on your moving day that they haven’t seen or dealt with before. Moreover, the crew that you’ve hired has probably mastered the various safety techniques that will greatly reduce the risk of any possible physical injuries. They will also bring proper equipment such as furniture dollies and padding, to make sure that the relocation of your appliances and other heavy items is done carefully and attentively.

No heavy lifting

3. Accountability

When hiring professional movers that are licensed and insured, you can rest easy knowing that if there is any possible damage on the moving day, the moving company will be held fully accountable for your belongings and therefore act accordingly if accidents as such do happen on the job. When moving by yourself, you have to understand that you can’t really hold a friend or family member accountable for damaging your items, accidentally of course, as they didn’t go through proper training and there really isn’t much that they could do but express that they are sorry. Professional moving companies come with adequate insurance, but you are always free to purchase additional insurance in case you are moving valuable items.

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4. Reliability

Selecting the right moving company to help you relocate is key to a smooth, stress-free move. With a reliable professional moving company, you get an exact date and time when your movers will arrive, and a general idea of when the move is going to be completed. As previously mentioned, the movers will also be held accountable if anything were to go awry on the moving day. After all, you sign a contract with your moving company of choice, and in contrast, you wouldn’t offer your friends or family helping you out a contract to sign, to make sure everything goes as planned.


5. Peace of mind

Taking inventory of all of your items can also be a dreadful process, and even then there is still a chance that something might be forgotten along the way. Hiring a professional moving company will handle everything for you, from start to finish, making sure all of your belongings arrive to their destination, no knick-knack left behind. Professional movers also know the best way to navigate the roads and make sure that no items get damaged during transport. Knowing that your possessions are in safe hands, will definitely lower your stress levels on your moving day.

Peace of mind

6. Packing supplies

Determining the adequate amount of packing supplies you will need is quite tricky, as most people underestimate how much stuff they have and of course, wouldn’t want to spend more money on packing supplies than needed. However, this can very easily cause you running for more supplies on your moving day, when in reality all you want to do in that situation is sit on the floor and cry. Professional movers will always bring more than enough packing supplies, therefore saving you from the worry if you have enough, or if you’ve even bought the right packing supplies needed for your items.

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7. Efficiency

Professional moving companies take pride in working fast and saving their customers immense amount of time, and in reality, they have to work fast. With their tight schedules, the speed in which movers pack, load and unload has become a movie industry standard. In contrast, the hours you save with professional movers can easily turn into days when being unexperienced and moving by yourself. Keep in mind that fast workers also need to be efficient and deliver quality service as well, so keep this in mind while looking for the right moving company to relocate.


8. Disassembly and assembly

Sometimes items won’t fit in your vehicle when assembled, and even if this is not the case, disassembling your items can help with avoiding unnecessary damage. Without experience, there is a great chance for making a rookie mistake when disassembling your furniture on your own. Hiring a professional moving company with movers that have years of experience will definitely erase the problem and make disassembly and assembly look like the easiest thing in the world.

Disassembly and assembly by professional movers

9. Unloading

Most people tend to disregard the fact that once you’ve loaded your truck, you’re only halfway there. You’re probably tired out of your mind after days of preparation and the loading process, and there is still unloading left to be done, while you’re probably running low on motivation and energy to do so. Professional movers will assist you from start to finish, and will work hard until your move is fully completed..


10. Cost effective

This might sound completely untrue, because of the alleged high cost of moving companies that might make you think twice about hiring a professional moving company, but in reality, you might save money in the long run. Of course, there are many factors that will determine the whole cost of your move, such as the move size, distance, complexity etc. Other than the obvious moving costs such as a moving truck, tolls and gas, there are also unpredicted hidden costs when moving on your own. These “hidden costs” often include the cost of packing supplies, insurance for your truck and belongings, and other self-moving costs that can’t be predicted prior to the move. Understanding these extra expenses are an important part of moving your own. One wrong move could cost you much more money than you’ve expected.

Cost effective