Packing Guide: Hiring Professional Packers vs Packing By Yourself

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There are basically two types of people: the ones that love to do everything on their own without asking anyone for help, and those who love to have some help like professional packing services nearby. You might enjoy the company while doing things, and aren’t feeling ashamed to ask for any kind of help. 

The question is only which of these two types you belong to.

And the answer is that no matter which type you are you will definitely be needing SOME help.

Although moving might seem like a piece of cake for you now, once you start you will realize it is far from that. There is much to be organized, planned and well thought through. Your inventory must be packed, carried and loaded to the truck carefully so your things don’t get damaged along the way. 

When hiring a moving company you can ask for three types of services: moving, packing and unpacking. Of course, your professional packers and movers will do the job professionally since they have been trained for that, but it doesn’t mean that you have to hire them. You can choose to pack on your own. We are giving you some pros and cons of packing by yourself vs. hiring professional packers and also offering you some tips for packing on your own. 

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Start With a Professional Packing Plan For Your Moving Services

Doesn’t matter if you are packing on your own or hiring some professional help, you need to make a proper plan. In order to start packing at all you need to set the moving date first. You need to decide when you are going to move so that you can know when it is the right time for you to start packing – there is no need for you to pack three months in advance for example. If you aren’t sure when to ask your movers to set the date, we have some tips to help you out: 

Pick a date during the winter

Summer months are the busiest season for your movers and that is why they usually charge you more for the service during this time. Be careful and if possible choose to move sometime from October until April. 

Choose some of the weekdays rather than weekends.

Because most people work and have kids it is natural they find it easier to move on weekends. But this could cost you more. Professional packers and movers know that weekends are the most crowded when it comes to date reservations and sometimes will charge you more or require you to call and arrange the date a lot in advance. Keep that in mind. 

Time of the day.

Because a lot of people work from 9 to 5 these days, it is logical that they would like to move in the evening hours, that is, after work. Taking a day off might not be such a bad idea since you will have more time to do everything there is about the move, and will save some extra pennies in your pocket if you decide to move around noon or before 5 you might avoid these extra fees.

Make a Plan for Purchasing Professional Packing Supplies

 Now, this might be the benefit of hiring professional packing services. If you decide on taking this step and asking your movers to pack you as well, they will bring all the packing equipment you may think of with themselves. On the other hand, if you decide to do the packing all on your own without some professional help, you will need to get enough packing supplies before you start packing. We are giving you the list of everything you will need in order to pack on your own: 


It is impossible to imagine any move without a lot of boxes. Also, try the best you can to find a variety of box sizes since you will need different sizes for different types of items. Use larger boxes for lighter and bulkier items like pillows or blankets. A lot of people make the same mistake of putting very heavy objects in big boxes. This not only makes it so much more difficult for your movers to carry them but also increases the risk of your belongings getting broken.

Smaller boxes should be used for heavier items like books. If you manage to find some medium sized boxes or boxes with dividers, use them to pack the dishes. They can be very useful and also keep your fragile belongings safe from getting broken or damaged. If you are wondering where you can find all these boxes, don’t worry, there are few options. And they are free. 


Bookstores, no matter if it is a small local one or a big chain bookstore, they should have plenty of small-sized boxes you could use for packing yours. Before you take them, do not forget to ask for the manager and ask him for permission to do so.

Recycling drop off points

Beside the grocery store, bookstores and liquor stores, recycling drop off points are the places you will certainly find some boxes for your move. Don’t forget that anyone can take the boxes to these places and that’s why you should also see if the boxes are clean. You don’t want your things to get ruined just by being kept in the box.

Quick Professional Packing Tips

When packing your stuff in the boxes you should keep in mind a few things. First of all, don’t leave empty spaces in the boxes. Movers sometimes won’t even move the box that seems unbalanced because they won’t risk breaking anything. Use your towels, some cloth, pieces of clothing or some packing paper to fill in the gaps in the boxes. Also, when packing your stuff in boxes keep in mind that heavier items go on the bottom and the lighter ones go on top. This way nothing will get squeezed or broken and damaged.

movers loading boxes into truck

Packing tape.

After the boxes, the most important item for your packing is with no doubt – packing tape. First of all, you cannot leave your boxes open when loading them in the truck because everything inside them will end up flying around in the truck. Once you close the boxes you will have to seal them properly with the packing tape so the items would stay safe inside it. You should also try to wrap the tape a few times all around the top and bottom edges of the box. This way your items will be completely protected. 

man taping box

Packing paper.

When it comes to packing your packing paper can be more useful than you would probably think, especially when packing fragile items like your dishes. When packing dishes make sure you wrap every single dish in the wrapping paper and protect it.

After that you can also make bundles of four or five dishes together and then wrap it in the wrapping paper as well. When it comes to cups and bowls you can save some space by putting them one in another with some packing paper in between. You can also make bundles of 3 or 4 of them and wrap them in the paper all together. 

Take care how you put the dishes in the boxes: never put them flat, but always make sure they are on their sides. When it comes to glasses you can use the boxes with dividers inside them and place them in there. This way your glasses will be safe from breaking and damaging. Of course, don’t forget to wrap them in a bunch of wrapping paper!

Plastic wrap.

Plastic wrap is mostly used to avoid any sort of leaks and liquid spilling in your boxes during the move. The best advice is not to mix any kinds of liquids with dry items in order for them not to get ruined during the ride.

No matter how strong and careful you think you close the bottle of wine or the bottle of shower gel, they always somehow find the way to spill all over your things. Use plastic wrap as a seal between the bottle and its lid. This way you won’t have to wonder whether your shampoo spilled all over your other toiletries during the ride.

Make Sure to Professionally Label Your Packing Boxes

While packing you may think you can keep everything in your head and remember exactly where which item is packed but later you will sadly discover that you have forgotten almost everything.

You will forget where you have put the books and where the dishes are packed. This might make your unpacking process so much more difficult and take you a lot of time away.

Save yourself from this stress and find a way to label each box. You could post notes in different colors or markers and pens in different colors as well. You can label the boxes based on the items that are placed inside them, or the room their content belongs to. You can write the content on the boxes or choose to label them with numbers.

Possibilities are endless and it is only important that this plan works for you and will help you stay organized and at each moment will know where your items are. You can use colors to label the rooms that the boxes belong to, for example you could use red for the kitchen, blue for the bathroom and pink for the bedroom. This is all up to you.

labeled boxes on table

Separate Your Unwanted Items from Wanted Items

 Now that you are moving it is actually the perfect time to leave all the unnecessary and unwanted or unused items behind you and take only what really matters to your new place. You could make a list of your complete inventory and start by scratching all the items you don’t wish to take away with you on your journey.

Don’t get too emotional because you know what they say – people are to be loved and things are to be used. Doesn’t matter if you are hiring professional packing services or packing on your own, you need to get rid of everything that will only be a burden if you take it with you. We offer some suggestions of what you could do with the things you find unnecessary: 

Make a garage sale.

If you have a house and a backyard this can be a great opportunity to keep all of your family members busy and involved and get your neighbors to your backyard once more before you move to another home.


Charity is always a good and noble idea. Giving to those in need is one of the most beautiful things you can do and will make you feel amazing afterwards.

Throw it away.

Of course, if things you wish to get rid of are completely damaged and can’t serve the purpose anymore, you shouldn’t give them to anyone. Throw them in the dumpster and don’t look back.